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About Agri Hero Africa

Welcome to Agri Hero Africa, a registered Public Benefit Organisation approved under section 18A(1)(a) of the Act, making donations tax-deductible for all Hydro Coop projects benefiting underprivileged communities.



Supporting Hydro Coops through Agri Hero Africa can earn BEE points in the SED category (code 500), as we are a Level 1 BBBEEE NPC and PBO. Our projects and educational programs, compliant with B-BBEE codes of good practice, benefit all South African citizens, with over 75% of our beneficiaries defined as black.


In a continent facing food insecurity, unemployment, inequality, and climate change, Agri Hero Africa NPC/PBO presents intelligent agri and food systems through the Hydro Coop as a beacon of hope and innovation. At this crucial moment, we bridge gaps to curb poverty and environmental damage, empowering women and youth through Socio-Economic Development, Enterprise Development, CSI, Donations, and Government projects.


Agri Hero Africa’s Hydro Coop transforms lives by integrating sustainable practices into agriculture, creating enduring careers and sustaining families and communities. Our commitment to a brighter, sustainable future is embodied in the Hydro Coop initiative, aiming for empowered communities, sustainable job creation, and a norm of self-sufficiency. It’s not just a project; it’s a promise—a promise to build a world where every community shapes its destiny with the tools for enduring change.

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Our Mission

Agri Hero Africa is the driving force for change, focusing on job creation, entrepreneurship, and improving food accessibility. Our vision is a brighter, more equitable future where sustainability and prosperity coexist.


In a continent facing challenges like food insecurity, unemployment, inequality, and climate change, we offer innovative agri and food systems as a beacon of hope. At this crucial moment, we work to bridge disconnections, preventing further poverty and environmental damage.


We not only transform agriculture but also lives and communities, ensuring a sustainable future. By kick-starting in-community opportunities, we break the chains of welfare dependency, fostering self-sufficiency. Through practical skills and support, we empower women, youth, and people with disabilities, making food accessible and affordable, especially in rural areas.

Our Mission

True empowerment comes from providing communities with the tools to thrive on their terms, fostering pride and autonomy.


At Agri Hero Africa, we are unwaveringly committed to eradicating child poverty, fostering sustainable employment, and driving lasting global change. We believe in the fundamental right to fair and accessible food for all, recognizing the pivotal moment in history that demands decisive action.


In response to critical issues, we embrace a sustainable approach, emphasizing empowerment through Socio-Economic Development, Enterprise Development, and CSI for women, youth, and people with disabilities. We understand that addressing challenges like food insecurity, unemployment, inequality, and climate change requires innovative solutions and collaborative efforts. Join us in shaping a resilient and equitable future.


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