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Our Training Solutions


1 Year Programmes

  • National Certificate: Animal Production
  • National Certificate: Fisheries Observation: Inshore National Certificate: Mixed Farming System
  • National Certificate: Perishable Produce Export Technology
  • National Certificate: Plant Production
  • National Certificate: Poultry Production
  • National Diploma: Agricultural Extension
  • National Diploma: Animal Production
  • National Diploma: Grain Handling Management
  • Education And Training Certificate:Pest Control Operations
  • Further Education And Training Certificate: Meat Classification
  • Further Education And Training Certificates: Seed Processing And Packaging Control
  • National Certificate: Grain Milling
  • National Certificate: Agri Trade Processes
  • National Certificate: Agri Sales And Services
  • National Diploma: Plant Production

Capacity Building Programmes


  • Hydroponics
  • Poultry Production
  • Farm Management
  • Sales and Marketing of livestock and fresh produce
  • Adapting to Climate Change for Family farms
  • Climate Smart Agriculture for family farms
  • Food Security Programmes and understanding
  • Building Sustainable Food Value Chains for Cooperatives.

Mobile Education for Sustainable Agriculture in Africa
UrbanFarm Africa: Bridging the Education Gap for Family Farmers)

Addressing the critical lack of education in African agriculture by bringing mobile educational units directly to family farmers.

Key Focus Areas :

Climate Change:

  • Strategies to combat its effects on farming.
  • Cost-effective Production: Overcoming financial barriers.

Risk Mitigation:

  •  Developing better strategies and planning.

Family Farm Management:

  • Operational and financial management for sustainable growth.
  • Entrepreneurial re-engagement for effective upscaling.

Sales and Marketing:

  • Understanding supply chain dynamics.
  • Packaging, presenting, and strategically managing sales.

Climate Change Mitigation Programs:

  • Adapting to Climate Change for Family Farms.
  • Climate Smart Agriculture for Family Farms.
  • Food Security Programs and Understanding.
  • Building Sustainable Food Value Chains for Cooperatives.

UrbanFarm Africa: Pioneering Sustainable Poultry Solutions

UrbanFarm Africa is proud to be breeders and suppliers of indigenous Boschveld Chickens. It was bred from crosses between Venda, Ovambo and Matabele chickens and is recognized as a synthetic indigenous chicken breed. We have been approved as a compartment that is free from avian influenza in terms of the World Organization of Animal Health(OIE) Terrestrial animal health code for the export of live poultry to countries where the requirements can be met. Heading up our breeding facility and ensuring the best genetics at all time is Lize – Marie (Photo below) whom holds a masters in genetics from the University of Pretoria. She also heads up our organic feed supply chain.


UrbanFarm Africa also supplier white broilers in South Africa only. Modern commercial broilers are Cornish crosses and Cornish-Rocks, that are artificially selected and bred for large-scale, efficient meat production.


To ensure affordability for our Hydro Coop farmers, we secure wholesale prices for organic feed at mass procurers, fostering sustainable and cost-effective farming practices.


Empowering Our Children Through Education to Eradicate Food Poverty Cycles: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Tomorrow.


Present Realities of Childhood Deprivation:

Despite considerable strides globally, a significant number of children still grapple with extreme poverty, constituting half of the world’s impoverished demographic. Shockingly, over 1 billion children lack fundamental necessities like nutritious food and clean water, resulting in substandard living conditions and limited workforce skills. This stark reality underscores the imperative for comprehensive interventions to break the poverty cycle and provide these children with opportunities for a brighter future.


Child Poverty in Africa: A Disturbing Outlook:

In Africa, the situation is particularly alarming, with nearly 60 million children going to bed hungry, contributing to a staggering 45% of childhood deaths. Astonishingly, nine out of 10 children in Africa fall short of meeting the minimum dietary standards set by the World Health Organization. The prevalence of informal food vendors selling unsafe products further jeopardizes children’s lives, painting a grim picture that demands immediate attention and effective solutions.


Heart-Wrenching Dilemmas:

Families in Africa are compelled to make heart-wrenching choices, forced to weigh the risks of illness against going hungry. This grim reality underscores the urgent need for transformative measures to alleviate child poverty and ensure that families no longer face such agonizing decisions. The situation highlights the critical importance of collaborative efforts to bring about change, liberating children from the shackles of unsafe food and poverty.


UrbanFarm Africa’s Pledge:

UrbanFarm Africa stands resolute in its commitment to ending child poverty, fostering sustainable employment, and catalyzing global change. Rooted in the belief in fair, accessible food for all, the organization recognizes the urgency of the situation and aims to be a catalyst for positive transformation. UrbanFarm Africa’s pledge is a call to action, emphasizing the necessity for a world where children can thrive, unburdened by the harsh realities of unsafe food and poverty. The organization’s dedication serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter and more equitable future.

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