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About Us

Urbanfarm’s mission and vision is creating strong decentralized food systems that contribute to food security, affordability, and climate change mitigation. Our focus on environmentally friendly, cost-effective, community-oriented, accessible, and resilient solutions that is essential for addressing the challenges of our time. By established locations in various countries across Africa and Europe, Urbanfarm is dedicated to catering to different regions’ specific needs and contributing to local communities. Our approach acknowledges the importance of tailoring solutions to the unique contexts of each location.


Decentralized food systems have the potential to provide a wide range of benefits, such as reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation and distribution, improving the freshness and nutritional value of food, fostering community engagement, and increasing resilience in the face of disruptions.


Our presence in countries like Africa & Europe demonstrates our commitment to addressing food security and sustainability on a global scale, considering both developed and developing regions.

Our Solutions

UrbanFarm Project Guidelines
We prioritize the following as guiding ESG principles:


Environmental Responsibility

By embracing solar energy the UF Hydro Coop generates power while conserving resources with an impressive 80% reduction in water usage and 90% decrease in food wastage. In doing so, we champion climate-smart practices.

Social Empowerment

UrbanFarm goes beyond job creation; we foster a sense of community by nurturing local talents and cultivating in-community food production with the Hydro Coop while elevating impoverished areas, we make nutritious food accessible and affordable while simultaneously providing sustainable educational opportunities for all.

Exemplary Governance

Our projects are meticulously measured for operational and financial effectiveness. We are committed to transparent accountability and actively deliver tangible results.

Our Projects Align with BBBEE Codes for Good Practice



Skill Development

Empowering individuals with the necessary skills for employment and entrepreneurship

Enterprise Development

Cultivating in-community food security through enterprise initiatives.

Socio-Economic Development

Ensuring a sustainable economic impact with every endeavour.

Integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into Our Projects



Eliminating Poverty

We create sustainable job opportunities, uplifting communities.

Addressing Hunger

We establish decentralized, sustainable food value chains.

Promoting Quality Education

Education tailored to unlock opportunities and enhance employability.

Championing Gender Equality

Ensuring inclusivity and empowerment of women.

Encouraging Economic Growth

Pioneering climate-smart opportunities.

Reducing Inequalities

Embracing diversity in race, gender, youth, and individuals with disabilities.

Fostering Responsible Consumption

Promoting in-community production, processing, and consumption.

Combating Climate Change

Adapting a smart, Africanized food system to combat climate challenges.

Preserving Life on Land

Utilizing land efficiently, while reducing water usage and food wastage.

Building Partnerships for Sustainable Change

Collaborating with like-minded stakeholders to drive lasting impact.

Solving the Problem
Our approach


UrbanFarm promotes sustainable food ecosystems and create lasting circular economies. Our commitment to innovation and inclusivity is commendable, as it aims to improve livelihoods and uplift communities. The emphasis on an all-inclusive approach for women, youth, and people with disabilities, as well as addressing severe poverty, showcases a holistic perspective on community development.


Our focus on in-community organic food production is a vital step in combating malnutrition, especially among women and children. By providing access to nutritious and cost-effective foods, we are contributing significantly to the well-being of these vulnerable groups. The reduction of food wastage by 90% through decentralized farming highlights the efficiency and sustainability of your approach.


Moreover, our emphasis on using smart and forward-thinking production systems that require 80% less water is crucial, particularly in times of drought. The adaptability of these systems to handle floods and mitigate climate change effects speaks to the resilience we are building into the communities we work with.

The integration of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and Smart Farming practices is a forward-looking approach that can significantly enhance agricultural productivity and efficiency. This integration aligns with the ongoing technological advancements in agriculture, paving the way for increased yields and more sustainable practices.


Our commitment to education is also noteworthy, as the introduction of these advanced farming practices can serve as a unique opportunity for learning and skills development. This aligns well with the changing landscape of agriculture, where technological fluency is becoming increasingly important.


In conclusion, UrbanFarm’s approach showcases a comprehensive strategy that addresses multiple dimensions of sustainable development, including environmental stewardship, inclusivity, education, and technological innovation. By focusing on creating tangible, positive impacts in communities, we are contributing to a more resilient and prosperous future for all.

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