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Econo Coop – Eco Friendly Poultry Farming

Econo Coop – where innovation meets poultry farming

Introducing the Econo Coop from UrbanFarm Africa, here are the revamped quick facts highlighting its impact, benefits, and sustainable poultry practices:


Space-Efficient Sustainability:
Requires just 10 square meters, promoting land conservation and efficient land use.


Swift Setup:
Completed in 30 minutes, enabling quick establishment and minimal downtime.


High Capacity, Low Impact:
Supports 1400 chickens annually, maximizing productivity while minimizing environmental footprint.


Lucrative Returns:
Earns an estimated income of R10,000/635USD in 6 weeks, with monthly potential exceeding R7,000/423USD, fostering economic growth and financial stability.


Solar-Powered Operations:
Runs solely on solar energy, reducing reliance on traditional power sources and promoting renewable energy adoption.


Resilient Design:
100% waterproof and adaptable to diverse climates, ensuring durability and longevity.


Holistic Training:
Comprehensive training provided for sustainable operation, empowering farmers for success.


Mobility and Assurance:
Easily movable with a Buy-Back Guarantee, facilitating flexibility and confidence in investment.

Job Creation and Empowerment:
Generates employment opportunities in farming, maintenance, sales, and management, fostering entrepreneurship and engaging youth in sustainable agriculture.


Community Resilience:
Enhances food security and mitigates climate change effects through sustainable practices, bolstering community resilience.


Healthier Produce:
Yields eggs and meat with higher nutritional value, protein content, and omega-3 fatty acids, promoting healthier diets and reducing environmental contaminants.


Economic Boost:
Supports local economies by providing fresh, chemical-free produce, strengthening social connections, and fostering economic growth.


Global Applicability:
Versatile and implementable worldwide, fostering social cohesion and offering therapeutic benefits.


Educational Value:
Serves as a platform for teaching sustainable agriculture and nutrition, contributing to healthy aging and mental well-being while nurturing environmental stewardship.


Econo Coop Unique Design
Providing a sustainable source of poultry products and income for the farmer community


At the heart of the Econo Coup is its unique design, featuring a sturdy steel frame, PVC cover, and floor, all crafted to withstand the rigors of farming. Its triangular shape optimizes space utilization, requiring just 16 square meters of land, making it suitable for all areas, whether rural or urban.


Setting up your Econo Coup is a breeze, with assembly taking just 30 minutes, thanks to our user-friendly design. Once in operation, the Econo Coup can support up to 1400 chickens annually, providing a sustainable source of poultry products and income for the farmer community.


Powered entirely by solar energy, the Econo Coup operates off-grid, reducing reliance on traditional power sources and minimizing its environmental impact. Equipped with a charging station for electronic devices such as lights, it ensures reliable operation day and night.


Rain or shine, the Econo Coup has you covered with its 100% waterproof design, adaptable to various climates. Natural farming techniques and a solar exhaust system provide optimal ventilation, creating a healthy environment for your flock without the need for additional breeding, hatching, or rearing.

Join us in revolutionizing agriculture with UrbanFarm Africa’s Econo Coup.
Together, we can build a healthier, more sustainable future for generations to come.


More than just a chicken coop

But the Econo Coup is more than just a chicken coop—it's a holistic solution for sustainable farming. Each unit comes with six additional root vegetable grow bags, allowing you to diversify your harvest and maximize your yield.

With comprehensive training included

You'll have all the tools you need to succeed. And when it's time to relocate, the Econo Coup's compact, movable design makes it easy to transport to a new location.

The benefits don't stop there

By investing in an Econo Coup, you're not just improving your own livelihood—you're also creating jobs, boosting local economies, and minimizing food waste. Engaging youth in agriculture and providing equal opportunities for women, the Econo Coup fosters community resilience against food shortages and price fluctuations.

Numerous health benefits

But perhaps most importantly, the Econo Coup offers numerous health benefits for both consumers and the environment. From healthier eggs and meat to reduced antibiotic use and lower environmental contaminants, our organic farming methods promote sustainable living and improved well-being.

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