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Introducing UrbanFarm Africa’s Hydro Coop: Quick facts

  • Requires just 16 square meters of space
  • Setup completed in 90 minutes
  • Supports 1400 chickens and 3000 vegetables annually
  • Earns an estimated income of R12,000/635USD in 6 weeks
  • Offers monthly income potential of R8000/423USD or more
  • Operates solely on solar power
  • Includes electronic device charging station
  • Saves 85% of water usage
  • Ideal for regions facing severe drought and water scarcity
  • Features 100% waterproof design
  • Adaptable to various climates for year-round production
  • Utilizes natural farming techniques and advanced planting systems
  • Eliminates need for additional breeding, hatching, rearing
  • Provides shade net cover for plants
  • Includes 6 additional root vegetable grow bags
  • Comprehensive training provided
  • Compact and movable for easy relocation
  • Offers Buy-Back Guarantee by UrbanFarm Africa
  • Creates jobs in farming, maintenance, sales, and management
  • Minimizes food waste
  • Supports entrepreneurship
  • Engages youth in agriculture
  • Provides equal opportunities for women
  • Enhances community resilience against food shortages
  • Mitigates climate change effects through sustainable practices
  • Provides fresh, chemical-free produce for healthier diets
  • Connects local farmers with consumers, strengthening economies
  • Versatile and implementable worldwide

Our Training Guide

Learn more about our training program by downloading out Training Manual below:

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Hydro Coop User Guide

View our Hydro Coop User Guide


Hydro Coop Social and Economic impact – Examples ZAR & USD


Empowering Tomorrow: UrbanFarm Africa – A Catalyst for Agricultural Transformation

UrbanFarm Africa stands as the catalyst for transformation in agriculture, pioneering an innovative solution that not only generates employment but also nurtures entrepreneurs, revolutionizing the paradigm of food accessibility and affordability. Anchored by a visionary commitment to ZERO Carbon, ZERO Waste, and ZERO Exclusion, we tirelessly work towards forging a brighter and more equitable future. Positioned at the forefront of agricultural innovation, we actively bridge gaps, addressing issues of poverty and environmental impact. Our sustainable approach empowers women and youth through comprehensive training and development, socio-economic initiatives, and enterprise development, creating a ripple effect of positive change within communities.


Cultivating sustainable food systems

Beyond mere cultivation, UrbanFarm Africa focuses on cultivating a healthier, more sustainable future, constructing robust, sustainable food value systems that transcend conventional agricultural practices. Confronting the challenges posed by climate change, we navigate them through decentralized food systems aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Trailblazer in cohesive system

UrbanFarm Africa is a trailblazer in cohesive system integration, seamlessly intertwining cultivation, processing, distribution, and waste management to establish an efficient and integrated food production system. This innovative approach optimizes resource utilization, creating a streamlined process that enhances sustainability and effectiveness in agriculture.


Holistic Efficiency

At the heart of UrbanFarm Africa’s methodology is Holistic Efficiency, ensuring optimal resource utilization at every stage of the food production journey. From cultivation to distribution, this comprehensive approach minimizes waste and maximizes output, prioritizing sustainability and considering the long-term impact on the environment and community. UrbanFarm Africa champions Holistic Efficiency to lay the foundation for a resilient and responsible food production model.


In-Community Food Production

In-Community Food Production is central to UrbanFarm Africa’s mission, encouraging local food production to enhance food security, reduce transportation costs, and stimulate local economies through community-based initiatives. Our commitment to All-Inclusive Development extends benefits across communities, with tailored training programs, knowledge sharing, and support for marginalized groups. Risk-Aware Strategies focus on long-term viability, addressing potential risks like climate variability and market fluctuations through sustainable practices. Smart Localization for Vulnerable Communities tailors initiatives to specific needs, ensuring the well-being of populations through targeted efforts.


Decentralized Food Value Chains

Additional initiatives, such as Decentralized Food Value Chains, Pro-Active Cooperatives, and Africanized Smart Food System Projects, underscore UrbanFarm Africa’s dedication to resilience, collaboration, and culturally sensitive solutions. Measurement and Accountability remain integral, with clear metrics and transparent monitoring ensuring the continuous success and improvement of their transformative initiatives in agriculture. UrbanFarm Africa stands committed to innovating, fostering efficiency, promoting inclusivity, and driving sustainability in the agricultural landscape.

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